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About Danny

Dr. Danny McGuigan offers creative and challenging coaching experiences for leaders and aspiring leaders.

Over the last 20 years, his practice has thrived on the achievement of concrete results for his leadership clients in NHS and the private healthcare sector. His current client base covers most of Europe and the UK. Clients include organisations in the private and public sectors, such as HCA International, the NHS, BAA, Cadbury's and many more. Danny has also developed extensive experience in conflict resolution, team-building and change management.

His key skills include

One-on-one world-class coaching with senior executives in the healthcare sector

Creating performance review processes for individuals and teams

Creating / facilitating teambuilding experiences

Guiding / creating change-management and more specifically, culture change processes

Offering experienced intervention in conflict situations or where processes (and individuals) have become stuck

Designing rigorous and systematic selection procedures


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