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From poor performance to profit

For the last 20 years, we have been helping healthcare organisations manage and transform their operations, both in the UK and overseas.

We combine clinical expertise with commercial sense, and we know where technology fits in – we see the full picture and provide support where it’s needed most.

We work with both public and private sector healthcare providers, specialising in operations management, clinical advice, consultancy and development.

Our Experience

Experts in public, private & international healthcare

Operations Management+
  • Organisation management and facilities
  • Risk management
  • Recovery for organisations in crisis
  • Financial planning, acquisitions and mergers
  • Raising capital
  • Non-Executive Directorships
  • Medical directorships
  • Installation and improvement of clinical governance systems
Staff Development & Leadership Coaching+
  • Coaching and development of key executives
  • Management and temperament profiling
  • Candidate selection profiling
PR, Marketing and Customer Service+
  • Patient and consultant satisfaction studies
  • Marketing campaigns and market analysis
  • Press and PR
  • Management of negative reactionary press
  • Helping hospitals adopt a digital approach in capturing new patients online
  • Developing cutting edge mobile healthcare applications
  • Developing websites that work seamlessly across all mobile devices
  • Creating online digital healthcare marketing (SEO) campaigns
  • Improving patient engagement and outcome through the use of the Internet
  • Helping hospitals adopt a digital approach to capturing new patients
Our Insight

Solving your healthcare headaches

No two organisations are the same, but some symptoms of poor performing operations are more common than others. In our experience, some of the typical symptoms of poor performing healthcare organisations are:


Lack of properly-defined policies, systems and processes, or a failure to enforce them


Undervalued and alienated staff, leading to poor engagement at all levels


Poor consultant medical staff engagement


Lack of investment in both conventional and cutting-edge technology


Inability to spot and exploit new opportunities


Ineffective general management at the senior level

The Associates

Meet the Associates

We have created a team of leading experts, spanning clinical care and healthcare management.

All Associates have proven track records in their unique area of expertise within the healthcare sector, ranging from medical treatment to business management to implementation of web and mobile technologies.

We will match you with the expert who is best positioned to help you meet the unique challenges your organisation is facing, or provide you with a full team of consultants where the problems you need to solve are more complex.

Scroll down to find out more about who our Associates are and how they can help your organisation evolve.


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